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 Heat Expandable & Liquid Swellable Rubbers

Liquid Swellable Rubbers

TRP manufacture a range of swellable rubber compounds which are designed to seal upon contact with liquids, such as oil and water. Their unique properties will enable you to manufacture your products for use in a wide range of markets and various applications, such as Telecom, Power, Construction, Marine and Oil & Gas industries.

We have many year  experience in this field and can custom design these materials to suit you and your customers requirements to further enhance your product development.

 Intumescent (Heat Expandable) Rubbers

 TRP manufacture flame retardant Graphite filled elastomeric compounds (TRP 345 & TRP299) which are flexible in order to meet the needs of intumescent requirements.

When subject to temperatures of 130°C and above they progressively exfoliate to many times their original volume, making them ideal for use in demanding markets such as joints, seals and interfaces for the construction industries. The graphite material is helping to improve safety by stopping the spread of fire, saving lives and protecting property.

 As well as the superior efficiency in intumescent seals of all kinds it has other excellent properties:

·             safe to handle and easy to use

·         completely non-toxic, non-fibrous and dust free

·         self extinguishing binder

·         totally inert & indefinite shelf-life

·         resistance to extremes of climates

·         waterproof - still exfoliates after prolonged submersion

·         excellent temperature insulation before and after exfoliation

The material is dark grey/ black in colour and is available in various dimensions due to our various production methods of calendaring, slitting & extrusion.

(Full Data sheets are available upon request)




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