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Coloured Rubber Compounds

With our unique mixing techniques, we produce all the range of colours available achieving excellent dispersion, colour consistency & cleanliness. With over 5000 formulations on record, we will have suitable grades for any application. Each colour run is followed by an extensive clean down of our machinery enabling Trafford Rubbers claim to be one of the leading coloured compounders around.

We have decades of experience customising products to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

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About Trafford & Coloured Rubber Compounds

We also offer a colour matching service of all grades of rubber, should you require assistance or advice on this matter, please reach out to a member of our expert team.

Coloured rubber compounds are key in distinguishing similar looking parts that correspond to different applications. A subtle feature such as colour can act as a vital safety feature, with the added benefit of increasing efficiency of various services like verification of assembly parts. It’s created using mixtures of rubber polymers and specific additives.

Choosing Trafford Rubber as your mixed rubber compounds supplier offers several compelling advantages. We have over 32 years of experience and are known for our quality, innovation, and our customer focus.

With over 5000 formulations on record, we will have a suitable grade that can be ant rubber and colour to suit your application.

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