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Silicone & Silicone Fibre Reinforced

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Silicone & Silicone Fibre Reinforced Rubber Compounds

The chemical structure of this polymer exerts excellent balance of high temperature operation together with release properties and also excellent ozone resistance. Therefore, Silicone is used in many cases for either of the above parameters due to its superiority over other standard polymers.

Reasons for use:

  • High temperature usage: 200 ’C continuous 225 ‘C intermittent (Red Oxide colour only).
  • Excellent release qualities (low coefficient of friction).
  • Good resistance to fluids.
  • Excellent resilience.
  • Excellent Ozone & UV resistance.
  • Good dampening properties.

We have over 32 years of experience customising products to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

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About Trafford & Silicone & Silicone Fibre Reinforced Rubber Compounds

Our range of Fibre reinforced silicon compounds offer all the properties of general purpose silicon sheet but with the added advantage of a range of fibre reinforcing layers.

Our Silicone compounds are made from the SILICONE polymer which has the chemical name of Poly-Dimethyl Siloxane with Vinyl groups.

Full Data sheets are available upon request & should you require assistance or advice on this matter, please reach out to a member of our expert team.

Choosing Trafford Rubber as your mixed rubber compounds supplier offers several compelling advantages. We have over 32 years of experience and are known for our quality, innovation, and our customer focus.

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