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In the demanding energy sector, comprising the oil, gas, and electricity industries, the need for reliable, high-performance materials is paramount. Trafford Rubber is at the forefront of meeting these needs with our specially formulated rubber compounds, designed to withstand the harsh conditions and rigorous standards of the energy sector.

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About Our Energy Sector Solutions

With over 150 years of experience shared among our employees, our team gives you the right advice.

TRP manufacture a range of proven swellable elastomer compounds which are designed to swell and seal gaps upon contact with liquids such as water and oil.

Their unique properties will enable you to manufacture products that swell in radial & longitudinal directions that prevent oil and water ingress and are proven for packers in the oil and gas industries.

A range of rubber compounds for extrusion and moulding items such as gaskets and seals mainly based on NBR & HNBR.

These compounds meet international standards such BS1154 (NR) BS2751 (NBR) and BS2751 (CR).

Available in several grades and are designed for longevity in housing cables and riser pipes in the offshore wind turbine sector. Normally supplied in calendered form. 

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