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About The Telecom & Electrical Sector

Our products, including the Electrical Insulation Material (INSUL) and Telecom Temporary Closure Sheeting (CR) are designed to offer superior protection, insulation, and sealing capabilities. Engineered for reliability, safety, and efficiency, our solutions support the essential infrastructure of electricity distribution networks and telecommunications systems.

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About Our Electrical & Telecoms Sector Solutions

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The primary use is to provide a unique, safe and efficient method of providing an electrically insulating barrier for low to medium electrical joints.

Used by electricity distribution companies our INSUL elastomeric sheeting comprises two layers of elastomeric compound, one side is a black cured compound and the other is a coloured brown or blue self-amalgaming rubber adhesive protected by a cloth backing.

Primary use is a temporary closure of telephone wiring joints. The specific function is to provide a quick, safe and economic method to ensure an air and water-tight closure on underground joints. Our two-layer elastomeric sheeting comprises one cured black layer and a white adhesive layer that bonds to itself. This is protected by a Holland cloth interleaving to enable it to be partly stripped.

Industrial self-fusing tapes approved for telecom and electrical use by several authorities including the MOD and used in the basic repairs and jointing of cables up to 69KV. The main types available are PIB, Butyl and Neoprene. TRP also produces uncured cable repair tapes to enable the rebuilding of elastomeric power cables. Specific data sheets are available on request.


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