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Intumescent Compounds

Intumescent is a Heat Expandable compound. Trafford Rubber manufactures a graphite-filled elastomeric compound (TRP 345 & TRP299) containing flame retardants which are flexible to meet the needs of intumescent requirements. As well as the superior efficiency in intumescent seals of all kinds it has other excellent properties:

  • Safe to handle and easy to use
  • Completely non-toxic, non-fibrous and dust-free
  • Self extinguishing binder
  • Inert & in-definite shelf-life
  • Resistance to extremes of climates
  • Waterproof – still exfoliates after prolonged submersion
  • Excellent temperature insulation before and after exfoliation
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About Trafford & Our Intumescent Rubber Compounds

Our range of Intumescent Rubber Compounds can expand to many times its original volume when subjected to temperatures.

These materials can be expected to expand to many times their original volume when subjected to temperatures of 130’C and above. When heated to approximately 140’C the graphite at the surface will start to exfoliate increasing progressively as the temperature increases. This makes the material ideal in demanding markets such as joints, seals and interfaces for the construction industries. The graphite material is helping to improve safety by stopping the spread of fire, saving lives and protecting property.

The material is dark grey/black in colour and is available in various dimensions by our production methods of calendaring, slitting & extrusion. Full Data sheets are available upon request & should you require assistance or advice on this matter, please reach out to a member of our expert team.

Choosing Trafford Rubber as your mixed rubber compounds supplier offers several compelling advantages. We have over 32 years of experience and are known for our quality, innovation, and our customer focus.

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