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About Our Rubber-Making

What sets us apart. With decades of experience our product range is customised to your exact requirements, backed by our dedicated experts. Our fully equipped laboratory rigorously tests compounds for strength, elongation, abrasion, resilience, compression set, and dimensional behaviour, assuring excellent performance in various applications. Our ISO9001:2015 compliance ensures quality assurance.

Learn about our comprehensive five-step rubber-making process. This process begins with the careful selection of raw materials, followed by advanced processing techniques that transform these natural ingredients into high-quality rubber.

Step One

Stock Holding
and Control

Our well-kept, organised, and clean warehouse holds around £500,000 worth of raw materials, due to our suppliers taking up to 6 weeks to deliver to us, this enables us to achieve the quick turnaround of orders that our customers require. The raw materials are segregated in a manor to enable good stock rotation and easy access for our production operatives.

Step Two

Weighing and

Each of our weigh areas are segregated to enable accurate preparing and weighing of all the raw materials, the areas are kept clean by means of modern extraction systems and our weigh scales are all regularly serviced and calibrated. All our production staff are familiar with the raw materials and each ingredient is weighed separately to enable checks to the rubber formation.

Step Three

Sieving, Calendaring, Strip Manufacture
and Slit, Slit and Rewind

We have the facility to sieve all the mixed compounds by passing through sieves as low as 100’s mesh. Sieving the rubber is not always required but for certain final applications this can be a good safeguard against any small dispersion issues. We specialise in the calendering process which is a way of producing continuous lengths of wide, thin rubber without air inclusions and with excellent surface finish.

Step Four

Quality Control
and Assurance

At all stages of production, we carry out appropriate quality control. We fully test every batch, on every machine, which has enabled us to strive towards our goal of zero concerns by our customers. We are ISO9001 registered and every 6 months we have an external independent audit which involves checks throughout the whole of the business.

Step Five

Delivery and

Our qualified and experienced Administration staff all work within a shared office so that everyone is in touch with the various stages of our production. From the initial order coming into the business, the Admin team will prepare, plan, update when required, then finally organise dispatch or collection and all the relevant paperwork required.