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About The Chemical Sector

Understandably it is of critical importance to protect things such as metal vessels and components from the harsh realities of corrosion, wear, acid attack, and the rigours of natural environmental conditions within the chemical sector. Learn more about our solutions for the chemical sector below.

Read more about our sector solutions below.

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About Our Chemical Compound Solutions

With over 150 years of experience shared among our employees, our team gives you the right advice.

Trafford Rubber offers a diverse selection of uncured compounds, available in various polymer bases including Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Butyl, Ebonite, and Hypalon. These are provided in calendered form, layered into multiple sheets and rolled up, with each layer separated by polythene to ensure quality and ease of use.

Our range also features special grades tailored to specific industry needs, such as Antistatic for safe use in electrically sensitive environments, Food Quality for applications requiring direct contact with consumables, Silica Free for scenarios demanding purity and minimal dust, and Duply – a unique sandwich construction combining ebonite and natural rubber for enhanced performance characteristics.

We have a range of calendered compounds that have been manufactured, rigorously tested and approved by numerous lining contractors for nearly 40 years. Whatever your sustainability requirements we will be able to advise on the best solution.

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