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About The Building & Construction Rubber Sector

Specialist uncured rubber compounds for the Building & Construction industries. Our expertise in rubber compounding enables us to develop high-performance solutions that meet the rigorous demands of construction projects.

With Trafford Rubber, you can be confident in receiving materials that are not just fit for purpose but are reliable, and of the highest quality, making us a trusted partner in the construction and building industries.

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About Our Building & Construction Sector Solutions

With over 150 years of experience shared among our employees, our team can give you the right advice for the building & construction sector.

Trafford Rubber manufactures a range of uncured swellable elastomer compounds which are designed to swell and seal gaps upon contact with liquids such as water. Their unique properties will enable you to manufacture products that swell and seal preventing water ingress in the building and construction products such as concrete pipes.

A specific polymer blend incorporating the high-performance synthetic elastomer Polychloroprene, commonly referred to as Neoprene. They are used in joints & liners for the flat roofing industries. These compounds are unvulcanised and supplied in roll form in various lengths and widths.

Trafford Rubber manufactures graphite-filled intumescent compounds which are flexible & tough to meet the needs of passive fire products such as fire collars, joints, and door & lock seals.

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