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About The Passive Fire Protection Sector

Our Flame Retardant Rubber Compounds and Intumescent Graphite (Heat Expandable) Rubbers are at the forefront of our offerings, providing essential fire safety measures for a variety of applications across multiple industries. 

Trafford Rubber plays a pivotal role in protecting lives, property, and infrastructure from the hazards of fire.

Read more about our sector solutions below.

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About Our Passive Fire Protection Sector Solutions

With over 150 years of experience shared among our employees, our team can give you the right advice on passive fire protection solutions.

A wide range of uncured compounds are used in a variety of applications such a roll coverings for the mining industry, industrial hose, and rubber reinforced strapping for fire-fighting equipment or any application were fire retardance is required.

These compounds are available in a range of polymer bases such as Neoprene (CR), Nitrile (NBR) and EPDM and can be used for roller covering, mouldings and coating onto fabrics.

Our FR range can pass demanding specifications such as UL94, ASTM E84, and the mining specification NCB 158 which is also antistatic.

Trafford Rubber manufacture a graphite-filled elastomeric compound containing flame retardants which is flexible to meet the needs of intumescent requirements.  

This material can be expected to expand to many times its original volume when subjected to temperatures of 130⁰C and above and will start to exfoliate increasing progressively as the temperature increases.  

This makes the material ideal in sectors like fire collars, door seals, door handles & locks and seals and interfaces for the construction industries.  The graphite material is helping to improve safety by stopping the spread of fire, saving lives and protecting property.

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